After Busboy’s co-founders, Angel Xu and Rebecca Kligerman, graduated from NYU and entered the ‘real world’, they found themselves spending much of their down time in restaurants, bars, and even hotel lobbies. As many New Yorkers can attest, what is living in the city worth, if not for the dinner outings (business AND pleasure), happy hour cocktails turned late-night-out with strangers turned good friends? Or even morning visits to our local coffee shops to pick up our AM coffee cups that our barista friends already have waiting for us, the moment we open the door, just to have some warm comfort to carry on our commutes?The food and drinks were always pleasurable, but what was even more rewarding was getting to know the community that makes up the F&B scene here in NYC. 

After countless nights and many friends made, Busboy was created as a way to highlight the stories, lessons, and advice from some of the most integral members of the restaurant world. It is a platform dedicated to introducing more eyes and ears to industry professionals who make eating out life's greatest pleasure. It’s a peek into the lifestyle of the very people we interact with everyday.Non-profit work is integral to all of Busboy's endeavors. Since inception, it has partnered with organizations such as Greentop Farms, Heart of Dinner and the Oyster Project. Busboy is hoping to further this work as it grows.

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